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Istanbul is one of the most fabulous destinations for you to explore. If you are exploring Istanbul, you need to make sure that you are exploring all the hidden gems in the city. Then you will be able to leave back home without any regrets.

Finding the hidden gems among tourist places in Istanbul is not something that you can do on your own. That’s why we encourage you to take part in this tour and explore all hidden gems. This is among the best guided Istanbul tours that can help you with exploring hidden gems of Istanbul within a day.

What can you witness in hidden gems of Istanbul tour?

As the name suggests, hidden gems of Istanbul tour can help you with exploring all the hidden gems in

Istanbul. Let’s take a quick look at the best places to visit in Istanbul along with this tour.

You can start off your tour from the Grand Bazaar. Grand Bazaar is the best place to shop in Istanbul as of now. At the Grand Bazaar, you can find some of the best artisans to live in Turkey. Whether you want to find jewelry designers, carpet weavers, pottery painters, or metalsmiths, you can find them in the Grand Bazaar. On top of that, you can call this as the oldest and largest covered market to exist as of now. Our tour guide will help you with finding the best shops in Grand Bazaar to buy things you want.

Along with that, you can also explore unique architecture in here.

Next,, you can visit the Rustempasa mosque. The Rustempasa mosque is widely known around the world for the massive number of iznik tiles present. There’s a perfect variety of these tiles. On top of that, you will be amazed by the beautiful geometric and floral designs available on the tiles. It has been identified that there are over 2,300 tiles present.

The next stop will be Valens Aquaduct. Valens Aquaduct present in Istanbul is named as Aqueduct of the Grey Falcon. It was constructed back in the 4th Century AD by the Roman Empire, with the objective of supplying to Constantinople. Our tour guide will help you to learn more about the historical importance of this hidden gem.

Fourth stop in the tour would be The Women’s Bazaar. The Women’s Bazaar in Istanbul is quite popular among foodies. You can discover a variety of street food vendors in here. Our tour guide will help you to try the most impressive foods out of them, including Turkish kebabs. If you want to buy or eat anything, you just need to let our tour guide know about it. Then you will be directed accordingly.

Before winding up, you will be taken to the Zeyrek mosque as well. Zeyrek mosque is another massive mosque that you can find in Istanbul. You can call this as the biggest Byzantine religious edifice to stand in Istanbul as of now. It is possible for you to explore this mosque with our tour guide and explore every inch of it.

The final stop of the tour would be Fener & Balat neighborhood. Fener & Balat neighborhood offers the richest history in Istanbul. They are included in the UNESCO heritage sites as well. You can take a journey back into history and experience the wonders of ancient Istanbul while you are in the Fener & Balat neighborhood.

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As you can see, the hidden gems tour will help you with exploring some of the most outstanding attractions in Istanbul. You can book this private tour for a cost of 140 USD per person. There should be at least two passengers for this 6-hour tour to begin.

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