Istanbul’s 6 Must See Places

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Istanbul’s 6 Must See Places : Making a must see places list for Istanbul is not that easy. Accordingly we have compiled a shortlist of the best places to see in Istanbul, so you can have some inspiration and hopefully visit most of them! This magical city is desired by empires across the centuries, as it is located on both Europe and Asia. Istanbul is one of the world’s numerous urbane areas. Where to start your sightseeing?


If we make a list of Istanbul’s 6 Must See Places, for sure we start with Sultanahmet! Sultanahmet is the very heart of the old city. Especially, for those who are interested in time journey. Here is a both historic and artistic gem on your way. In Sultanahmet, you can visit many spots such as Hippodrome, glorious Hagia Sophia (presently closed), The Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Basilica Cistern.

Hippodrome is a remarkable spot to start your day. You can have a look at the obelisk, German fountain which is gift from Wilhelm II and Serpentine column standing on this area.


Galata Tower

It won’t be wrong to say Galata Tower is one of the most remarkable idols of Istanbul and is included in our list of Istanbul’s 6 Must See Places. Galata Tower stands near Karakoy quarter and looking across the Golden Horn. You will immediately see it rising charmingly high among other buildings. The tower is like a logo for the history and culture. You can climb up to the Galata Tower and enjoy the splendid view.

Galata tower - Istanbul's 06 must see places


Pierre Loti Hill

Keep in mind, there is a superb spot in European side to enjoy a cup of Turkish tea with an amazing view of Golden Horn and it is a must place to add to the list of Istanbul’s 6 Must See Places. Pierre Loti Hill is located in glorious Eyup quarter. You can visit the Pierre Loti Hill of a magnificent area with a historical graveyard including many tombs of sultans, authors and famous people. As well as nice restaurants and souvenir shops around. You can climb up the hill passing the tombs or take the cable car and experience the wonderful view. Below, don’t forget to visit Eyup Sultan Mosque which is a beloved spot for Muslims.


Bosphorus Boat Tour

Here definitely is one thing, Bosphorus boat tour!. Do not leave Turkey without a Bosphorus boat tour, that is why we include it in our Istanbul’s 6 Must See Places list. Istanbul is such a magnificent city where topography and culture blend each other in the most fascinating way. Sailing between two continents with a comfortable boat, passing near the exceptional historical waterfront mansions and breathing fresh airflow of deep blue and sometimes turquoise waters, taking lots of photos of authentic face of Istanbul.

Bosphorus boat tour


Spice Bazaar and Grand Market

If you are into shopping and wondering about a very historical and authentic shopping area, you will love, you should visit and explore the Spice Market and Grand Bazaar. Starting with Eminonu, it is quite easy to locate the Spice Market. Also named as Egyptian Bazaar, it is one of the historical and largest herb markets. Also, it is known as Egyptian Market or Bazaar.

See Mystic, colorful, crowded and thrilling passages with thousands of shops. You are in the Grand bazaar. It has been the center of shopping for centuries. At first, the bazaar started as an arched warehouse. Then, it turned into a massive closed-market area with labyrinthine lines. Stroll these mysteries lines, watch artisan at work, drink a cup of Turkish apple tea and discover the art of dealings and bargaining.