Family Constellation

Unseen family problems may conceive some difficulties in the family. So this will cause to illnesses, depression, relationship and career problems. Family constellation session is remarkably sufficient as phenomenological. Certainly, you will happen to feel deeply vital level that can excel your life changing solutions. Engaging as a watcher or representative is often as worthy as making your private session. Also that often occurs when all parts of the family system are acknowledged and given their correct places. Each of us, even if a participant or observer, touches the information that exists in the area and advantages from this wisdom. Moreover, private Sessions are an energetic way to connect and to focus on family constellation. We can gladly arrange group sessions for 3 or more people as well.

Included: Family Constellation private session %100 dedicated to you and your party!
Duration: 1 Hour
Excluded: Transportation

Available: EUR 100 / person (minimum 2 participants needed)

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