Economical private tour guide in Istanbul

Economical private tour guide in Istanbul

Why take an economical private tour guide in Istanbul? Take a friendly tour guide and explore this magnificent city with our expert tour guides. Istanbul has a beautiful variety of cultures. In this magical city, one finds both new and old Istanbul full of life. From architecture to delicious food to lovely people, everything is perfect in Istanbul. Istanbul is an ideal place to spend vacations and people from all over the world come here to enjoy their vacations. It will not be an exaggeration sentence if I say it is one of the most beautiful and historical cities in the world.

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Friendly Tour Guide

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Tourism in Istanbul, Turkey plays a vital role as far as revenue for the country is concerned. The economy of Turkey heavily depends on tourism and why not when you have such charming gems of nature. Turkey tourist attractions are famous all over the world because it has a variety of features ranging from the mosques to the palaces to the waterway. Turkey is historical as well as modern at the same time and most importantly Istanbul is located in 2 continents: Asia and Europe.

Tourism in Istanbul is especially prominent if we talk about overall tourism in the country. Istanbul has many antiques in it and people around the globe dream in their whole lives to visit this beautiful city which is full of everything.

Spice Bazaar / Egyptian Bazaar:

Spice bazaar is a must inclusion in famous places to go in Turkey. It is one of the largest bazaars in Istanbul. Some documents tell the story that its name comes from the fact that it was built from the revenues which were received by the Ottoman Empire from one of Egypt’s provinces at that time.



Explore Istanbul Food points

Istanbul is a foodie city and if one has to discover some city’s culture, then food is one of the main things which should be considered first. Explore the city’s local streets and you will fall in love with the delicious local food. Turkish food is famous not only in Turkey but all over the world especially because of the variety.

Let’s talk about top things to do in Turkey. Here is a short with some details:

Top Rated Day Trips from Istanbul

Cappadocia Camel Riding:

This is must-do thing in the top things to do in Turkey as it gives you an amazing opportunity to taste a completely different thing than a modern city activity. Camel riding lovers come here and enjoy the ride.


Paragliding in Fethiye:

Although there are a lot of places in Turkey to enjoy paragliding but Fethiye is one of the best destinations for this purpose.

Fethiye Yacht Tour:

Although Turkey is quite rich in yacht tour places but Fethiye is the best in this business, so tourists must go to this beautiful place for a yacht tour.



As far as places to go in Turkey list is concerned, it is huge and very difficult to select some of the places out of many. Book Me Guide did this to facilitate our worthy guests.

Here is a shortlist and brief introduction:

The City of Ephesus:

Ephesus city is quite an interesting and historical city and is at the top of the Turkey tourist attractions list. It was the most important Greek city and popular trading port in the Mediterranean region. These ancient port city ruins are in modern Turkey. People who love history must go to this unique place.


Mount Nemrut:

You will be amazed to know that Turkey has all things in it from historical bazaars to mosques to beautiful mountains. People who love ancient sites must go to this archaeological site and learn something new about history.


Erzurum is quite famous for old mosques and skiing tracks. In eastern Anatolia, it is the largest province. Byzantine city walls are the well-preserved ancient material that history lovers should see.


Gobeklitepe archaeological site was built approximately 12,000 years ago. Archaeological finds indicates 9000 BC to 10500 BC which is 6,000 years before the Stonehenge and 7,000 years before the Great Pyramid. Also, the period during the Pre-Pottery Neolithic era where there is no mental tools, wheel, writing and engineering. Gobeklitepe is the first known temple in the world and also called as the Zero point in time.

Excavations still continues on. It is not figured out yet that which civilization and for what reason Gobeklitepe was built for. But the archaeological findings indicates that the area was built for religious purposes. Main facts about Gobeklitepe: The weight of the T-shaped pillars ranges between 40 to 60 tons. The architectural endeavor is beyond its time.