Best things to do in Istanbul Turkey

Best things to do in Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul is one of the most attractive tourism points around the globe. This appealing city continues to attract and fascinate nature & history lovers from all over the world. There are a lot of reasons why you should visit this historic city and it is pretty much sure that in the end, visitor will fall in love with this charming city. This magical city stays in the hearts of the visitors for whole life.

As far as the popular and best things to do in Istanbul for tourists, there are countless gems of nature which every tourist must visit and it will be remembered for the rest of their lives. If a list of Istanbul must go places is made then it will be a very tough task to perform, because there are quite a lot of options which every visit must not miss white visiting Istanbul. Let’s try to make a shortlist of such beautiful places where one must tour.

Istanbul must see Places:

Hagia Sophia Mosque:

It was an engineering masterstroke at the time of the 6th century when it was built. Almost 30 million gold tiles are mounted in its interior.


Grand Bazaar of Istanbul:

If one wants to go to the typical old historical bazaar then the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is the perfect place. It is one of the oldest covered markets in the world.

Istanbul must see places

Dolmabahce Palace:

This beautiful palace depicts the influence of European architecture on the Ottoman Empire. Its gardens are decorated with fountains and charming flowers. Dolmabahce Palace is considered one of the most charismatic palaces all over the world.

Istanbul must see places

Blue Mosque:

Blue mosque is one of the world’s historical mosques and its name comes from the blue tiles surrounding the walls of interior design. It is an essential inclusion in Istanbul must see places list. One should always add this place to the list of best things to do in Istanbul when visiting Istanbul. If you want to enjoy the look of the mosque thoroughly then you should see it through the Hippodrome which is west side of the mosque.




Obviously for visiting these alluring places, one has to find some private guided tours of Istanbul, so that journey will be comfortable. Book Me Guide is Istanbul’s economical tour guide which provides customized tour packages to its worthy guests.

Let’s just explore some private guided tours of Istanbul with Book Me Guide:

Golden Horn of the Bosphorus tour:

Golden horn as the name indicates is a horn-shaped waterway which is located on the European side of the city of Istanbul. Golden horn is surrounded by beautiful parks and ancient historical sites. During the reign of Byzantine, it was a trading harbor and famous residential place. In the 16th century, Leonardo da Vinci intended to build a bridge for Sultan but this ideal did not transform into reality.

Book Me Guide offers economical tour packages so that everyone from any background can enjoy the natural scenes of the magical Istanbul. There are a lot of points that are included in this Golden horn tour. Tourists can also listen to some amazing and interesting stories about Byzantine Empire from our tour guide.


What will be included in the Golden Horn of the Bosphorus tour?

Must Go Points:

* Blue Mosque

* Hagia Sophia Mosque

* Grand Bazaar & Spice Market

* Zeyrek Mosque

* Chora Mosque

* Iron Church

* Byzantine City Walls


This tour will consist of 6 hours walking.

Tour Guide:

A professional private tour guide will be provided to the worthy guests which will provide them each and every historical detail as well as will guide thoroughly where to spend more time and where less. This tour guide will meet you in the hotel lobby.

Excluded things:

The Museum fee and lunch will not be included in the package, as we believe to inform earlier, so there will be no confusion at all. There are no hidden charges whatsoever in our packages.

If you wish to enjoy Bosphorus, you may think of getting on a private boat for 2 hours. For the Visitors having a short time but still want to explore Istanbul to the maximum possible extent then this Istanbul private Yacht tour is ideal for this circumstance.

Tourists can explore this waterway through Istanbul private Yacht tour. Nature lovers experience Amazing scenes on this Yacht tour.


Packages Starting from EUR 100 per person (2 participants minimum needed) and for each additional person, EUR 30 will be charged.

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