1 Day Istanbul Tour

1 day in Istanbul tour provides opportunity to visit this historical Blue Mosque

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√ Private walking tour

In this 1 day Istanbul tour you will be experiencing the two continents. Enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee, tea and also some local tastes. See some of the major landmarks of the history. Enjoy a socially distanced walking tour and have a wonderful time in Istanbul.


So, you are planning to come to Istanbul? And visiting only for one day? And looking for a socially distanced walking tour? Don’t worry; Book Me Guide have a private 1 Day Istanbul tour. So you can be able to enjoy some places with our socially distanced walking tour in that time. And get a delicious taste of a bit of many things in Istanbul. One day may not be enough for Istanbul. But, you will definitely get a good flavor of the culture, the food, the architecture, archetypal sights and the experience.

Beauty of Nature


We recommend starting your one day Istanbul tour crossing from Europe to the Asian side. Catch a ferry to Kadıkoy. After enjoying twenty five minutes of charming ride. Savor on the edge of the Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara.

Walk towards to the Spice Market. Moreover, you will see great selection of herbs, spices, oils, souvenirs and more inside the souk in this 1 Day Istanbul Tour. Around the Spice bazaar, you will see a bustling area with full of shops. Then, take a five minutes tram ride to Sultanahmet. See the mesmerizing Blue Mosque and Hippodrome. After that, walk up to the Grand Bazaar. You will see one of the most historical markets of the world. Just off the Grand Bazaar, walk to Beyazit Old Book Bazaar to see old hand written books, maps and miniatures.  Then, explore the cobbled stone streets of the old city and take a short tram ride to the new part of the European side. And explore Karakoy, Pera, Galata areas. As well as walk along the Istiklal street and experience the city life in the modern part of the city.

1 day Istanbul Tour Pretty Streets of Istanbul


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The price of 1 Day Istanbul Tour includes:

  • State licensed, excellent local tour guide
  • Public transport
  • Lunch
  • Turkish coffee & tea

The price does not include:

  • Admissions to the sites