October 3, 2018

Specialty Tours

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The most incredible specialty tour experiences in Istanbul 

Let us design for you. We organize private specialty tours in historical Istanbul according to your preferences. Join a specialty tour.

Looking for something special? or are you still searching for a specialty tour? Let us arrange a private or custom specialty tour for you in historical Istanbul. Therefore we have unique selection of specialty tours for you. Such as Photo tour, Turkish coffee tour, Family constellation private session, Visiting a sufi master, hospital tour, Turkish street flavors and more. See Istanbul from a different view through one of our specialty tours. An introduction to the history, architecture and art of Istanbul. So that one can more fully acknowledge the ancient masterpieces of the city. Our private tour guide diligently serves our guests due to their expectations and share new experiences. You just tell us what you want. We take care of the details. Furthermore, you may see below our specialty tour options. Explore historical Istanbul confidently.

Private tour guide will brighten your experience. Especially, we have a unique selection of Specialty Tours Istanbul. Such as Photo tour, Family Constellation session, Hospital tour and many more.. Enjoy a specialty tour. 

Photo Tour in Istanbul

We can arrange a local photographer for you. Certainly to capture every exclusive and unique moments of your family. In order to enjoy, book a local photographer for your vacation. So you will have beautiful memories and pictures. A private tour guide in Istanbul will design your tour according to your wishes. We have passion and knowledge to design a customized private photo tour. Contact us now.

Turkish Street Flavors tour

This is a specialty tour who loves to taste different flavors. Enjoy a Turkish sesame bagel (simit) with Turkish tea (çay) for breakfast. In the meanwhile, roasted chestnuts (kestane) and corn on the cob (mısır) are wonderful snacks. Moreover, kokoreç and döner are quite delicious for lunch. Midye Dolma (stuffed mussels) is absolutely a great starter and (balık ekmek) grilled fish sandwich is delicious. Moreover, we will let you design your own food tour in historical Istanbul. It is more interesting than you think. Contact us now.

Turkish coffee tour

This is a 3 hour unusual Turkish coffee tour. Even more consists of calligraphy introduction lesson. Turkish coffee is one of the most popular traditional drinks of Turkey. Turkish coffee has a long historical dating back to 16th century. Coffee has been a popular drink among Turkish people in history. Enjoy unique flavors of Turkish coffee tour. Also, taste some Turkish delights in these historical cafes and places in Istanbul. After enjoying your coffee, stroll around the old city. Discover a calligraphy atelier. Calligraphy was very popular during the Ottoman period. Be delighted to meet and learn calligraphy by an artisan. Enjoy an intro calligraphy lesson during your visit to artisan workshop. This is a Turkish coffee tour combined with calligraphy introduction lesson. Contact us now.

Istanbul local street markets

Enjoy one of the weekly street markets which is called pazars. Certainly there are street markets in Istanbul everyday, different districts. Our motto is Shop & Taste. Istanbul local tastes are delicious. So that you can easily consume a couple of hours in a very crowded area. You can shop and taste a variety of local fresh product and other goods. Contact us now.

Take a Hospital Tour

Our experience travel specialists offer hospital tour and learning sessions. Even more to help you to show the hospital facilities for professionals, as well as patients and families. You can visit some of the Istanbul local clinics as well. Nowadays, a hospital tour in Istanbul has some considerable benefits for research instutions and other professionals.

In addition, if you travel individually a customized hospital tour helps you and your family prepare for a surgery, procedures and tests. Moreover, we reserve private transfer services among the hospital to your hotel and to the airports. We can design a hospital tour for you. Contact us now.

Visiting a Sufi Master in historical Istanbul

We have unusual custom specialty tours in historical Istanbul. Visiting a sufi master can be an unforgettable experience. Afterwards, you may personally want to attend a zikr gatherings and make spiritual connection. Thus you will have a serene and balanced mind and body. Our private tour guide will do all arrangements for you. Contact us now.

Family Constellation Istanbul 

Unseen family problems may conceive some difficulties in the family. So this will cause to illnesses, depression, relationship and career problems. Family constellation session is remarkably sufficient as phenomenological. Certainly, you will happen to feel deeply vital level that can excel your life changing solutions. Engaging as a watcher or representative is often as worthy as making your private family constellation. Moreover, community workshops provide a safe place for the soul shifts. Also that often occurs when all parts of the family system are acknowledged and given their correct places. Each of us, even if a participant or observer, touches the information that exists in the area and advantages from this wisdom. Private sessions are a energetic way to connect and to focus on family constellation. Group sessions for 3 or more people can be arranged as well. Contact us now.

Visiting an Old-Age Institution 

Attend and meet with elderly people by making a visit. Furthermore, you will have opportunity to communicate with elderly people. Many people make short visits to those in assisted living or nursing homes. Some people on the other hand escape visiting entirely. So they are afraid of embarrassing moments. Please don't let this fear stop you from visiting elderly people. Simply connect with them.

This will raise your mood to make someone smile. This is a short visit which will take about 1 or 2 hours Contact us now.

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